Beginner HTML/CSS/Javascript course

This is the Home page for my Beginner Webpage walkthrough.
(More than anything this is for my own reference and practice, but if you've found this page then I hope it helps you!)

The Goal:

A walkthrough course made especially for someone who wants to jump right in and learn as they go, applying what they learn immediately. This page doesn't use a built-in code environment, but rather is designed to allow you to use your own tools practice. The reason behind this is twofold, it allows you to make small changes and mix up what you learn without merely copying, and it also allows you to devote your effort into writing your own code(It also means that I don't have to build a code environment). Another benefit is the freedom to jump from lesson to lesson at your leisure. If you already know some other coding languages, then maybe you can skip the basics of javascript, or maybe you understand the elements of HTML but you don't know any CSS. Either way, it's fine, feel free to jump around!


(You might notice how this section has a pretty boring design. That's because HTML is mostly used for putting in the content of a page, but not the style)


(Now we're talking! With CSS you can take the basic HTML you had before and make it look a bit more interesting!)

(Mouseover this!)