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addSpouse(String, String) - Static method in class familymap.server.DAO.PersonDAO
Authenticate(String) - Static method in class familymap.server.DAO.AuthTokenDAO
Takes an input token and checks if it exists and matches the input user
AuthToken - Class in familymap.server.Model
The Authorization token that ensures that secure requests are being performed by a certified user.
AuthToken(String, String) - Constructor for class familymap.server.Model.AuthToken
AuthToken(User) - Constructor for class familymap.server.Model.AuthToken
authToken - Variable in class familymap.server.ResultsAndRequests.LoginResponse
A non empty string to represent the authToken
authToken - Variable in class familymap.server.ResultsAndRequests.RegisterResponse
A non empty string to represent the newly generated authToken
AuthTokenDAO - Class in familymap.server.DAO
A DAO used to access the AuthTokens, whether for assigning them or for validation purposes
AuthTokenDAO(String) - Constructor for class familymap.server.DAO.AuthTokenDAO
Generic Constructor.
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